Boblitt Family Blog

We had a great trip to the midwest to visit family, friends and enjoy the fall colors. It was an amazing trip and we feel so lucky to be loved by so many people. THe kids had a great time playing in the leaves and checking out the pumpkin patches and seeing everyone.

We had a great summer and have been swimming, camping and hanging out with friends.  Nina is swimming underwater now and loves it.  She also just started a hip hop class for 4 year olds and is loving learning new moves.  Isaac has about 25 words now and is such a happy guy but definitely lets you know when he doesn’t get his way.  Here are some pics of our tahoe trip with friends and other random summer activities.

We had a great trip to the Big Island of Hawaii in March. It was so relaxing and beautiful. I got to swim with dolphins (about 30 of them came right into the bay, amazing). We did have get evacuated with the tsunami but luckily it was much less than they thought by the time it reached Hawaii but still caused damage (see beach pic of Isaac with uprooted coconut trees). Can’t wait to go back to Hawaii and see our new friends. Such a great trip!

Nina went roller skating for the 2nd time. She loved it! She was really good at it and determined to do it by herself. She learned how to get up by herself and went all the way across the floor without help. In fact, she sent me and Grandpa to the sidelines so she could practice. So amazing to see her growing and changing.

Nate set up Isaac with rice for dinner and he got it pretty much everywhere except in his mouth. He was quite proud of himself.

Okay, a bit late for posting this but we had a fun St. Patty’s Day party back on the actual day and the kids loved the hat Grandma and Grandpa brought over.  Isaac is practicing standing at the party and dancing with Grandma Pat.  Nina had a blast with her buddies and dancing with all the guests.  Great food of course as always when this group gets together.

Isaac is now crawling on his belly all over the house and is pulling up on the furniture. He loves to move! He also just learned how to clap and wave goodbye. It is adorable. Nina is still loving school and has been taking a tiny tots hip hop class. She is a great dancer and loves her friends. The superbowl party was a blast and Nina loved wearing her cheesehead and cheering for the Packers.

We had a great Christmas with friends and family.  Isaac loved the wrapping paper and Nina enjoyed getting presents from  Santa.  She was funny and after about 3 or 4 presents she said “I’m done mom, can we save the rest?”  So we did.  It was Christmas for a few days at our house;) We are definitely blessed to be a family and to have such wonderful friends and relatives in our life.

January was also exciting with a trip to Safari west to see african animals.  Nina loved the wildebeasts and the giraffes.  It was pretty amazing.  We also had a great New Year with friends at the cabin and the children ran wild for 2 days.  Lots of food, lots of dancing, lots of fun;)

We’ve had a fun-filled December but it seems it is flying by.  Nina is so excited about Christmas and was really ready to see Santa this year.  She told him she wanted a pony (previously she said strawberry shortcake movie but then someone suggested she ask for a pony so she decided to take them up on it!).  She also went back and told him that she hoped Isaac would have a Christmas diaper on Christmas day.  I guess I’ll be doing some decorating on Christmas Eve so Isaac gets his diaper surprise.  No idea where she came up with that one.  Thanksgiving was also great with friends and family and tons of food.  Nina is doing great in school and now very into writing letters.  every piece of paper I find is covered in “N” and attempts to write the other letters of her name.  Isaac is sitting on his own very well now and beginning to scoot along the floor more and more.  He enjoyed decorating the tree and found his way over to the ornament box.  He is also babbling more and said “dadada” the other day.  He loves to eat and is feeding himself crackers.  Looking forward to a quiet but fun holiday season.